• A guideline for your application (including more information about the budget) can be found on our general website
  • Some applications can be refused on budget grounds.
  • After the application deadline, Journalismfund.eu checks that formalities are in order and may call for more information from applicants. This usually takes one week.
  • After this the applications go to the jury who makes the final decision.
  • Applicants are usually informed around 30 days after the deadline.
  • The applications are assessed by a jury with 4 members. The members of the jury are experienced editors, investigative journalists or media specialists. They remain anonymous until they leave the jury.

Both Journalismfund.eu and the jury are bound to strict confidentiality—before, during and after evaluation of the proposals. Applications will be assessed based on 9 criteria in relative weight to each other:

    Starters Senior
1 Added value compared to mainstream coverage / a forgotten story 18 15
2 Relevance in society 14 10
3 Originality and innovative ideas, research methods 18 13
4 Daringness 14 8
5 Feasability 6 10
6 Newsworthiness 10 10
7 Experience of the applicants, references 3 7
8 Saleability 7 13
9 Time-consuming 10 14
  Total 100 100

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